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My entire mission is to help dramatically increase your chances of raising money for your company.

All of my training videos, all of my blogs, all of my links, all of my partners and all of my coaching is for one thing…to dramatically increase your chances of raising money for your company.

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6 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Company:

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8 Steps to Activate The Law Of Attraction And Raise Money For Your Company

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Paul Hickey: On The Road

Chapter 01 – How it all started

Dilution Is Your Friend

“I have deep experience with every aspect of funding a startup all the way to IPOs.”

– Paul Hickey

Proven Experience

I’m one of a very small group of people who have been on all three sides of a funding transaction.

I founded several companies, raised several private rounds for many of them and taken one from startup to a successfully IPO, I co-founded an investment bank focused on raising equity for fast growth companies, I co-founded a pre-IPO fund and I’ve been an angel investor for over 25 years.

Funding for Startups

How do you turn your dream into a reality? Figuring out the best way to fund your startup can be a difficult task to tackle.

Latest Projects

Tokenizing Real Estate

The real estate market can be very complex. What are the benefits, pitfalls, and misconceptions of tokenizing assets?


Real Estate & Blockchain

What’s new, what’s next and how do I get there first? That has always been my mantra! Throughout my investment career helping companies raise capital, I’ve seen many technological trends but nothing as captivating as blockchain technology.

Researching and networking with leaders in this space for over five years, I’m constantly learning about the huge potential of this innovation. My own interests however, particularly in Real Estate, have led me to amass in-depth knowledge about how blockchain will impact the largest industry in the world, now valued at nearly $300 trillion

As part of what is still a selective group of pioneers at the forefront of this next big transformation, I’ll be sharing insights to keep you up to date with those developments. Over the coming weeks you can expect relevant content and snippets from my upcoming ebook on how blockchain and the digital asset economy is revolutionizing the real estate industry and property markets. The technology and legal framework now exit to convert real estate into digital tokens which will make it easier for real estate developers to raise capital for their projects, bring long past due liquidity to this asset class and democratize ownership in high quality real estate projects throughout the world. 

If you’re interested in learning about blockchain and the application of this new technology in real estate, how you can make money from it, exchange ideas or discuss a project, partner or receive consulting services, please email: blockchainrealestate@hickey.com or subscribe for updates.

Green Dream Island

Come join me in creating the greenest most sustainable island on the planet.


Green Dream Island

About 15 miles from the northern tip of Borneo, Malaysia I own (with my epic partner Mr. Long) 100 acres of pristine private island beach front property on Maliangin Island.

This island is in the Golden Triangle which has up to three times the biodiversity than many other reefs throughout the world and is part of the largest protected marine park in Malaysia. You can literally walk into the water from any part of this island and within ten meters be snorkeling in some of the best untouched reefs in the world. 

There are plenty of beautiful islands around the world but here’s why I’m so excited about Maliangin. It’s completely undeveloped and so it’s like starting with a clean slate or a blank canvas and together with other brilliant environmentally conscious entrepreneurs and people we can create something that nobody has ever done before. We have enough property to build 8 different resort developments. My vision is to gather, with the help of people throughout the world, the best of class, latest and greatest green technologies to build not only the most sustainable but the most regenerative island on the planet. And to also collaborate with the most creative, artistic sustainable architects to create the most beautiful, inspiring, elevated resorts the world has ever seen. 

If you want to be a part of this first of its kind island project, either as an engineer, worker, technologist, entrepreneur, investor or future guest, please leave me your email below and I will update you on things as they unfold and how you can all specifically participate in the near future.  


What People Say

“Speaking with Paul was exactly what I needed. He was able to answer my questions related to raising capital and also provide much needed guidance for determining a go-to market strategy for a new service I’m working on.”

Brian Nelson

CEO / Coaching Client



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