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Funding for Startups

I provide education and coaching to entrepreneurs who are raising money for their companies.

When I help an entrepreneur raise capital for their company, that capital is the fuel for that entrepreneur to rapidly grow and get their products or services into the market that will hopefully have a positive impact on all the customers who use it. I can literally be a part of having a positive impact on millions of people by helping hundreds of entrepreneurs.

A Positive Impact

I have seen how positively the lives have changed for the entrepreneurs, their employees and customers when they have raised money to launch or grow their companies, its transformational and magical.

Not just because many of them go on to become multi millionaires, but because they are living their truth and making their passions become reality. That can be you.

Free Resources

These resources will dramatically increase your chances of raising money for your company or startup.

Coaching Programs

Learn how to apply and qualify for one of my coaching programs.

Raise money for your company, elevate your life.

“I want to have a positive impact on every person on this planet, all 8 billion, by helping 1 million entrepreneurs. And I will. Audacious, but it will happen. “

– Paul Hickey

Free Resources

My entire mission is to help dramatically increase your chances of raising money for your company.

All of my training videos, all of my blogs, all of my links, all of my partners and all of my coaching is for one thing…to dramatically increase your chances of raising money for your company.

Content Samples

6 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Company:

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8 Steps to Activate The Law Of Attraction And Raise Money For Your Company

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Raise Capital… Elevate Your Life

Paul Hickey: On The Road

Chapter 01 – How it all started

Dilution Is Your Friend



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