Paul Hickey

Funded Startup to IPO / Investment Banker / Angel Investor

& Pioneer Tokenizing Real Estate with Blockchain Technology.

Biography Highlights

  • Founded his first company, Teleshare 900 in 1992, an IVR service bureau
  • Founded QComm in 1998, a prepaid calling card technology company, which he completed an IPO for in 2003
  • Became the CEO of Shera Technologies and Blue Bamboo in 2004, an electronic payments contract manufacturer in Shanghai, China
  • Co-Founded Hickey Freihofner Capital, an investment bank focused on raising equity for fast growth companies with offices in New York and Shanghai in 2005
  • Launched Hickey.com in 2019, a website dedicated to increasing the success rate of entrepreneurs raising capital
  • He’s been an angel investor for 25 years

About Me

Paul Hickey started his entrepreneurial career at six years old in the snow removal business (using a shovel) for neighbors in Union Lake, Michigan where he grew up with two brothers and three sisters and two parents who loved his guts out and told him he could do anything he set his mind to (to his father that meant becoming a doctor).

He upgraded his entrepreneurial pursuits during his summers of college by launching American Tennis Centers (sounds big but it was just him) which provided tennis lessons at a variety of different tennis centers throughout Utah. Upon graduation with a business degree from Brigham Young University in 1998, he became the General Manager and Tennis Director of the Ridge Athletic Club while on the side he started a multi-line sports rep business representing athletic brands such as Pro Kennex, Diadora, and Babalot in the Mountain West. In 1990 he became a full time seminar speaker for American Business Seminars until the company closed down in 1992.

In 1993, Paul started Teleshare 900, a pay per call IVR service bureau, his first “real” business. It was very profitable its first three years until…the internet started to emerge and have a direct negative impact on his business. He pivoted to another telecom sector that was booming, the prepaid calling card business and founded QComm. He and his team invented a machine that created prepaid calling cards on demand in retail stores. In may be the world’s longest turn around (7 years, probably a Guiness Book of World Records if they had that category and a period his supportive wife at the time referred to as the “QComm hell years.” During that turnaround and subsequently growth period, Mr. Hickey raised several rounds of equity financing to stay alive, culminating in a successful IPO in 2003.

After running QComm as the Founder/CEO for 9 years he resigned in 2004 and moved his family to Shanghai, China where he became the CEO of Shera Technologies and Blue Bamboo. It only took a year before his entrepreneurial nature took over and he resigned from Shera and co-founded a boutique investment bank in 2005 with his partner Greg Freihofner with offices in Manhattan and Shanghai, called Hickey Freihofner Capital (nobody could figure out how to pronounce Greg’s name so that’s why Hickey went first). Hickey Freihofner Capital focused on raising equity capital for fast growth companies in China and the United States. Hickey Freihofner Capital (according to Wikipedia) has the distinction of listing the first Chinese company on the NYSE – China Green Agriculture. In 2009, Mr. Hickey and Mr. Freihofner launched Coron Capital, a pre-IPO fund that invested in Chinese companies going public in the United States. After a successful run for ten years as a founding partner of Hickey Freihofner Capital, Mr. Hickey and Mr. Freihofner took a sabbatical from investment banking to pursue other business interests in 2015.

In short, Paul knows how to raise capital. He’s been on every side of the transaction. He’s raised several rounds of equity for his own companies, raised money for ten years for other companies while being an investment banker, the founding partner in a pre-IPO fund and invested his own money as an angel investor for 25 years. Mr. Hickey is obsessed with finding ways to increase the success rates that entrepreneurs have when they go out to raise money. He’s also made a bizillion mistakes as an entrepreneur that his clients can learn from.

Some of his other passions include raising consciousness among entrepreneurs and investors, and creating the greenest, most sustainable island development on the planet on his island property in Borneo owned by his trust. And he’s actively involved in coaching real estate developers on raising capital using blockchain technology.

He has four amazing children, loves all things biohacking, tennis, anything to do with water sports and tropical beaches.

“I want to have a positive impact on every person on this planet, all 8 billion, by helping 1 million entrepreneurs. And I will. Audacious, but it will happen. “

– Paul Hickey



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